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So, question!

Which should we emphasize for this game: Sci-fi action-adventure or transhumanist interpersonal drama?

Because we could go either way, and it'd be completely valid. I just want to know how much of each thing you'd want to see in the game. Like, in the inspirations thread I showed you, Sword of the Stars is space opera, SotS: The Pit is a slightly goofy roguelike, and SOMA is horror, while Analogue and Hate Plus are largely about drama but have horror elements and action-y things in them. Like the reactor sequence in Analogue, and *Mute's security forces in Hate Plus (who never actually fight anyone that I recall but carry weapons and get into some tense situations).

If it were up to me, personally, I'd probably make it more action-y than Analogue / Hate Plus but still keep the focus on (inter)personal drama. Sort of like how my Analogue adapt began with a space dungeon crawl and hit its climax with a microgravity fight scene (srsly), but the meat of the story was about societies and relationships, and there was a separate ending to resolve a romantic subplot.

What do you all think? (And if you haven't posted in the intro thread yet, please do!)

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