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Okay! So like, this is worldbuilding Fate-style. This is actually Session Zero of the RP. We've got some ideas, you've got some ideas, let's put our heads together without actual physical contact. \o/

For reference, this is the start of Fate's section on making a game, and this is where it actually says what we need to decide. This is a game about proactive, competent people who face conflict and challenges; we already know that. So the questions ahead of us are:

  • What is the setting like?

  • Does the story take place on more of an epic or personal scale?

  • What issues are your characters dealing with? Are they internal or external?

  • What NPCs (Non-Player Characters) should we expect to run into? Whether as groups or individuals.

Once we know that, we can decide what your characters are like and how they fit in, whether we do that by adapting your existing designs or one of you wants to start over. Or both.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the things that inspired us, when we imagined our part of the story ...

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Let me know which of these ideas, games, and/or videos you liked, and we can try to find some answers together to the questions we listed above. >_>b Remember, this doesn't have to be set in a given video game's storyline; we can use as much or as little of each game as we want for our inspiration.


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