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This is currently a placeholder while I figure out how to Fate. :D  Last sheet update: 12/16

Any and all advice and assistance is welcome!

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The AI pilot of the Traveler was known as *Ascension. Something terrible befell the ship and its pilot together, and found in the wreckage was Rai - who may once have been a pilot, but spent the time between disaster and rescue living the part of the main character in the niche stealth/action video game, Shadow of the Wendigo. His memories match  those of the game character rather than a completely ordinary nav AI, and he no longer remembers his previous life due to corruption in the drives of the Traveler.

*Ascension, when he projects himself to interact with his crewmates, appears as a vaguely Caucasian man with delicate features, blue eyes, and long, straight black hair, typically worn loose. He wears a standard Traveler II uniform with pilot's insignia. Rai is identical, save that his hair is stark white. He wears whatever is at hand, but favors soft browns and greys with minimal ornament.

Planning thread here.


[+4] Great Skill: (SKILL)
[+3] Good Skills: (SKILL), (SKILL)
[+2] Fair Skills: (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)
[+1] Average Skills: (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)

Primary Aspects

Neurotype Aspect: You are the Navigator
Rai is a strong spatial thinker, possessing an intuitive understanding of both realspace physics and subspace travel. While he likely couldn't describe the mathematics without delving into the personal symbolism he uses to solve problems in shorthand (see Hermetic Student) - if he knows where something is, and where it needs to be, he can probably find a way to get it there.

Like other navigators, both fictional and historical, there's an awful lot of data kicking around Rai's head... some of it better organized than others. More formal descriptions of how he does what he does are buried in there, along with less accessible material. His repressed and corrupted memories of life as *Ascension are still present somewhere, along with whatever last memories he managed to form on the dying Traveler.

Phenotype Aspect: JRPG Anti-Hero
Tall, slim, white-haired, blue-eyed: sound like trouble yet? The protagonist of Shadow of the Wendigo was designed along the lines of many a video game's anti-hero, using familiar tropes to signal attitudes and skills.

General Aspects

- Hermetic Student: Rai is a Hermetic mage. He uses elaborate mathematical formulae to cast spells, typically represented by geometric diagrams. While the casting is a matter of executing a math problem, learning new spells or advancing existing ones requires him to design new formulae.
Since his survival as a corporate saboteur depends on learning quickly and effectively, he has extraordinary focus and mental acuity. His curiosity, however, can be turned against him - and he's been known to distract himself by mulling over a tempting problem longer than he ought, even under stressful circumstances.

While *Ascension found putting complex formulae into aesthetically pleasing patterns to be an amusing game, for Rai, it's the only way he can still access some of his skills.


- The one for making nearby consoles zap things in realspace

- The one for using Deceive to throw illusions using nearby projectors

Stress Boxes

Some stress boxes go here.





Refresh Rate

Rai begins each session with [TBD] Fate Points.
[personal profile] jewelfox , I have some questions about game structure and character build. I'll start stuffing them in here so that they're visible to everyone, and as we get things figured out, the sheet template will likely sort itself. :)
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