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Welcome back, everyone, and I hope your holidays were festive!

Let's take a look at the place you're going to be spending the next four to six months, in-game:

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To Discuss

What are your characters' responsibilities? We know that a copy of *Ascension is Traveler 2's navigational AI, and we're leaving a spot open for [personal profile] sablin27 to play someone in Engineering if the opportunity comes up. Ilaria may have gotten herself assigned to the ship as a mission specialist / drone operator. So is *Adriana formally part of the mission, or a stowaway? If the latter, did she smuggle her hardshell onboard or just her code? (She could probably use one of the whiskers as an ad-hoc hardshell if needed, although she'd need to control it remotely since they're just drones.)

Is there anyone else on the ship? I'll let you all decide if there's a supporting NPC of some kind, and whether or not they're friendly / sympathetic. They could be the mission commander, or one of you could double as the commander and they could be another specialist.

Under whose auspices are you doing this? Right now I'm imagining NASA, in its new role as a unified space program for the Americas. Their policies are largely dominated by cosmopolitan states like Canada and Brazil, and their primary launch facility is in the state formerly known as French Guyana.

Finally, any last words before we head out?

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