Description: An artist and former journalist in search of her past, who believes that the primal AI, *Mother, called out to her in the Scream.

Player: [personal profile] kaesa


[+4] Great Skill: Investigation
[+3] Good Skills: Mechanical, Will
[+2] Fair Skills: Lore, Interface, Rapport
[+1] Average Skills: Athletics, Stealth, Empathy, Fight

Primary Aspects

Neurotype Aspect: A hard-boiled mystic. A seeker of truth, *Adriana has seen a lot, and it's left its mark, but she's not ready to stop looking. In her current life, she's a bit at loose ends -- traveling from place to place helping in small ways and looking for... something; in a past life she was a journalist in corruption-choked cities and war-torn asteroid belts; in the life before that... well, that's part of what she's looking for. She's maybe a little too curious and a little too fearless; she maybe doesn't value her life as much as she should.

Phenotype Aspect: A perpetual work-in-progress. *Adriana suffers from a surfeit of imagination and is constantly revamping her hardshell when she has the time and the money, and has or can learn the skills. When she can't make changes, it gets a bit stifling. At the start of the game she is humanoid and made of wrought iron; her torso and legs are covered in filigree, but she has not yet been able to create her arms, hands, or face in such detail, so they are smooth and shaped roughly like the human equivalent of same.

General Aspects

Call of the Void: *Adriana is very observant, often to the point of danger. When she notices something unsettling she wants to know more; when she sees something dangerous, she needs to understand it; when something is just damn creepy, she can't just leave it be.

She can spend one Fate point to get a 2+ bonus or a reroll to challenges that deal with understanding or intuiting facts relevant to unsettling and off-kilter situations.

Stress Boxes

Mental: 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ]

Physical: 1[ ] 2[ ]





Extras and Stunts

The Power of Deduction: If she can take a few minutes to observe the situation, she can spend a fate point to make a special Investigate roll. For each shift she makes she discovers or creates an aspect, on either the scene or the target of her observations. She may invoke one of them for free.

Hard-Boiled: She can ignore a mild or moderate consequence for the duration of the scene, but it comes back worse at the end of the scene. (If it was mild it becomes moderate; if it was moderate it becomes severe.)

Tools Built-In: She has a kit full of basic repair tools secreted away within her hardshell, and so long as a job can be done with the sorts of things she might use to repair herself, she'll have the tools for it; if she has access to the materials she can figure out replacements if her tools get damaged.

Refresh Rate

Adriana begins each session with THREE Fate Points.

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