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Player: [personal profile] blackswanseer

Description: A driven "alternative archaeologist," with a gift for mathematics and a retinue of survey drones. Planning thread here, and physical description and backstory here.

What follows are our suggestions for how to represent her in Fate! [personal profile] blackswanseer, please correct us if we are wrong about anything.


[+4] Great Skill: Interface.
[+3] Good Skills: Lore, Will.
[+2] Fair Skills: (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)
[+1] Average Skills: (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)

Primary Aspects

Neurotype Aspect: Computational Archaeologist. Ilaria studies the past by creating elaborate computer simulations in the present. These simulations are so accurate that she's won several awards, for helping pinpoint the location of wrecked ships or entire cities thought lost centuries or millennia ago. She can become so driven to find the chain linking evidence to the truth, though, that one could say that she doesn't notice when it's slipped around her ankles.

Phenotype Aspect: Humanoid Hive Queen. While she's physically human, Ilaria is never seen without at least one or two of her hovering drones (and that's when she's not at a dig). They form what computer scientists are starting to call a virtual and physical "halo," or an extension of her core self. She has an implant to help them respond to even her subconscious signals, and would feel lost or amputated without it (or them).

General Aspects

"Between the Mainstream and the Fringe"

That's how the Geek Feminism website described Ilaria's work, in its profile of her (in [community profile] capsulerp's space future setting). To outside observers, Ilaria seems to be driven to shock the mainstream archaeological community, by using her simulations to prove fringe theories correct. She doesn't see it this way, naturally; she simply feels that her simulations have shown her things worth pursuing, which her colleagues don't (yet) see the importance of.

Two more aspects may be added during play.

Stress Boxes

Mental: 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ]

Physical: 1[ ] 2[ ]





Extras and Stunts

(Drone Controller): Ilaria has a brain stem implant which acts as a co-processor, allowing her to make predictions and cursory simulations without access to a larger computer. She can use the Attack and Defend actions with the Interface skill, against AIs, and can substitute her skills for one of her drones' as long as she has a clear signal to them.

(RESERVED): This stunt will represent Ilaria's drones themselves. (See below.)

(RESERVED): Choose a stunt for this slot. (See below.)

Refresh Rate

Ilaria begins each session with (THREE, FOUR, OR FIVE) Fate Points.

Now, here's what we need to know to finish her character sheet:


We maxed out Ilaria's Interface, Lore, and Will, to represent her status as an iconoclast who relies on technology to help her with research.

What other skills does she have? Resources and Contacts, to represent her supporters and grants? Empathy and Rapport, from presenting her theories in front of an audience? Provoke, from arguing them? Athletics, Notice, and Investigate, from being on-site in person? Drive, from working a crane at her digs? Does she use Crafts to build and repair her own drones?

Choose three Good (+2) skills, and four Fair (+1) skills from the Fate Skill List.


We gave Ilaria a Drone Controller implant. But what are her drones themselves like? Does she have a devoted helper drone with its own personality, or a fluid number of drones which are simply extensions of herself? Your answers will help decide whether we create a drone as a supporting character, a whole "mob" of drones in her halo, or both (which would require two stunts).

Other stunts we feel could "work" for Ilaria, and the skills they are tied to:

  • The Power of Deduction (Investigate): Spend a Fate point, to roll Investigate and either create or discover aspects to represent what you deduce.

  • Specialist (Lore): +2 on Lore checks related to ancient mysteries.

  • Danger Sense (Notice): Ilaria's drones could give her a sort of "spider sense" for when stuff's about to hit the fan, letting her roll Notice no matter what. (Maybe her personal drone has this, plus a broad spectrum of sensors?)

Feel free to look up or invent more yourself.


We tried to make aspects for all the narrative hooks that you gave us, but you're welcome to change the wording on any of these or come up with new ones!

We probably should create one to represent why she's heading to Enceladus, at any rate. We suggest "It's Just As I Predicted!", based on how the Scream's message is just like the underwater engravings she's found. This aspect could represent her gaining mastery over the situation, or descending into madness, Lovecraftian style.

And on to the next character

Next up will be [personal profile] kaesa's, once we get the chance to write it up. >_>b

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