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I'm going to be cleaning the apartment and moving out this week, and I believe at least one other player has said that they've got their hands full as well. So the next week or two are going to be low-energy, "reply when you've got time for it" days.

Having said that, it looks like everyone who's still interested in playing has fleshed out their character concepts to some degree. So what I'd like everyone to do right now is work on their character sheets.

You can see a sample sheet at this link ...

... and the rules for picking skills and aspects and things at this link.

The full Fate Core rules, meanwhile, are at

Let us know if you have any questions still, keep the discussion in your character sheet's thread (on its own post) if possible, and we'll get back to you when we're able! Oh, and if you want an easy-to-use character sheet template, just copy-and-paste from the section below. ^^

You'll want to post your sheet to the community as a separate entry. Feel free to do so as a placeholder, or while you're still in the process of working on it, and we'll discuss specifics in the comments on your sheet's entry.

How to use this template

Here are a few notes!

Enter the Matrix

This game uses an additional skill outside of the normal Fate skill list, called Interface. It is used to do stuff with computers. You cannot use the Attack or Defend actions with Interface unless you are an AI, or your character has a neural implant. Interface is the only skill which can be used to defend against Interface.

Interface can be used to inflict physical damage on incorporeal AI characters, or organics with implants that are physically connected to a machine. Conceding a conflict where Interface is being used to attack you usually involves shutting yourself down, or disconnecting from the system.

Extras, stunts, and starting refresh

Sample stunts are listed under each skill, in the Fate SRD's Skills and Stunts chapter. These generally give you a bonus to using a skill in a certain way, or let you use a skill in a new way not covered by normal rules. You can also forego some of the stunts you're entitled to in order to take "extras," which give you abilities like psionic powers.

Let us know what you'd like your character to be able to do, and we'll help work out a stunt or an extra for you. This section of the Fate SRD has some suggestions if you would like to try it yourself, but be sure to run any stunts you create by us before putting them down on your sheet.

Your refresh rate is how many Fate Points you start with at the beginning of each chapter. It's tied to how many stunts you take:

  • If you take up to three stunts, your starting refresh is three.

  • If you take four stunts, your starting refresh is two.

  • If you take five stunts, your starting refresh is one.

It's okay if you're not sure what to pick out. We can help you decide, or you can just decide later.

Funny-looking boxes

Your character has at least two mental and physical stress boxes. These are like Hit Points, in that you can check them off to absorb damage and keep you from having to take consequences. You uncheck all your stress boxes at the end of a conflict.

Each stress box absorbs a number of shifts (points) of damage equal to the number next to it. Your starting stress boxes can be used to absorb one and two shifts worth of physical or mental damage.

  • If your character has +1 or +2 Physique or Will, they get a 3-point physical or mental stress box, respectively.

  • If they have +3 or +4 Physique or Will, they get a 4-point physical or mental stress box.

An incorporeal AI's Physique skill grants additional stress boxes, but can't be used to make any rolls unless they can control physical hardware.

The template itself

Remember to put !markdown on a line by itself at the start of your post, to use Markdown formatting. Also, please put your character's name as the title of your post. Aside from that, just copy-and-paste! We've formatted it so that should be all you need to do.



**\[+4\] Great Skill:** (SKILL)<br />
**\[+3\] Good Skills:** (SKILL), (SKILL)<br />
**\[+2\] Fair Skills:** (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)<br />
**\[+1\] Average Skills:** (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL), (SKILL)

##Primary Aspects

**Neurotype Aspect:** _ASPECT._ Paragraph of description.

**Phenotype Aspect:** _ASPECT._ Paragraph of description.

##<center>General Aspects</center>

**ASPECT (optional)**

Paragraph of description. Repeat for each additional aspect you'd like to take.

##Stress Boxes

**Mental:** 1\[ \] 2\[ \]

**Physical:** 1\[ \] 2\[ \]





##Extras and Stunts

**(NAME):** A description of the extra or stunt.

**(NAME):** A description of the extra or stunt.

**(NAME):** A description of the extra or stunt.

##Refresh Rate

(CHARACTER NAME) begins each session with **(THREE, FOUR, OR FIVE)** Fate Points.

Date/Time: 2015-10-26 02:38 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] blackswanseer
Works for me; I have to fly out of town for a few days for work this week. Good luck with the move!

Would you like us to start new posts for each character sheet or handle it in some other way?
Date/Time: 2015-10-26 17:46 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] redsixwing
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
Best of luck in your move!
I'll work on getting a sheet together. Thanks for the links and template!
Date/Time: 2015-11-02 03:27 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] blackswanseer
Okay I went quiet longer than intended, sorry. Got home from my trip and then have been sick, still not fully recovered. Trying to back into the writing mode.


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