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As of right now, we have four players: [personal profile] redsixwing, [personal profile] sablin27, [personal profile] blackswanseer, and [personal profile] kaesa!

EDIT: We also have a provisional fifth player, [personal profile] adad64!

This is the thread where you all can introduce yourselves to each other. >_>b We would like it if you would each say a little about yourselves maybe, along with the following:

  • Your preferred pronouns

  • Your character concept so far

You are encouraged to comment on each other's concepts, and brainstorm ways that your characters might know each other or that their stories might fit together.

Speaking of stories, here is the plot: A group of people from the past end up in the sci-fi transhumanist future. The ways that someone can do so include, but are not limited to, cryogenic stasis and reconstruction from a thanogram. You can also play as someone from a Korean generation ship isolated society, if you like, one which may be socially and technologically regressive.

Finally, you can play as someone who's from the future and has to help the newcomers adjust ... or who wants them to play a role in their plans!

So yeah, please do the brainstorming thing in this thread. >_>b Don't forget that you can subscribe to individual comment threads, here on Dreamwidth.

More answers to questions will be forthcoming, if we can deal with our IRL stresses enough to do so. ^^;

Date/Time: 2015-10-16 05:05 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] kaesa
OKAY SO. My pronouns are she/her, although if you forget or just use they/their I don't mind.

Because I love AIs, I'm trying to decide between one of two AI characters I created for an unposted story:

The first one is *Adriana, an AI with lingering memory issues who does not recall her origin, but (at least as of the story I'm writing) likes to think she's a third-generation AI as per the Analogue: A Hate Story prequel Digital: A Love Story. She's an artist and ex-journalist; she generally wears humanoid hardshells with parts she can switch out to express herself; usually they're very striking. She's reckless, idealistic, and a very keen observer.

I had considered her as having been reactivated with most of her memory gone and, in her search for a purpose, found this religion that worships their idea of the *Mother entity from Digital, so IF I go with that, she's built her life around that and has certain religious restrictions as to what she can and cannot do, most of them having something to do with the religion's core value of observation and gathering knowledge. (Please note: the events of Digital do not have to be actual history for this character concept to work; I'm assuming the religious version of the events are so far removed from this future as to be almost totally unverifiable and probably much exaggerated even if they are true.) I could play her as a helpful person who's been through something similar, or a journalist looking for a story. On the other hand, I could play her as just waking up from the less-technological past (and ditch the religious backstory), dealing with her gaping lack of memory and maybe finding out her real origins, and finding her way through the future.

The other possibility is *Garamond. He was created to keep a rich, grumpy old lady company in her dying days, as none of her children or grandchildren were willing to put up with her for very long; she did not want to be uploaded, and of course he outlived her, so after gaining his legal personhood he wanted to explore the world he'd never been able to see while fulfilling his original programming, and became an anthropologist and explorer. (In the story he settles down as a university library database for a while.) People from the past would absolutely FASCINATE him, and he'd probably ask a lot of super-invasive questions and then apologize but not really be all that sorry. In particular, he's very dismissive of anything that he can't 100% know and pin down with data, in the name of Science, which gets very old if your actual real life is anomalous or just doesn't fit with what he knows.

As a bonus he's one of those obnoxious people who just wants to ~help~ everyone he perceives as not quite on the right course, as defined by him, because he totally knows best!!! always! and is super dismissive of people who don't agree, although he's very passive-aggressive and ~polite~ about it. He's very much a people-pleaser in general. He is most comfortable inhabiting a building or a swarm of nanites and projecting an image of himself holographically, but probably a lot of places don't like nanites around and buildings are super awkward to travel with, so he'll compromise by being non-physical or wearing a hardshell if he must. Being able to project or wear a human-looking body is very, very important to him, though, no matter what sort of body he's in, and even if he's the only non-organic in a room his image will usually look the most baseline H. sapiens and be the most soberly-dressed.

If neither of those works, I can absolutely create a different sort of character altogether! (I do have a third AI and his human "sister" in this story, but I don't think either of them would mesh well with the premise, as where one goes, the other follows, and the AI is based on my best friend's RP character anyway, so it'd be weird playing him myself.)


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