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As of right now, we have four players: [personal profile] redsixwing, [personal profile] sablin27, [personal profile] blackswanseer, and [personal profile] kaesa!

EDIT: We also have a provisional fifth player, [personal profile] adad64!

This is the thread where you all can introduce yourselves to each other. >_>b We would like it if you would each say a little about yourselves maybe, along with the following:

  • Your preferred pronouns

  • Your character concept so far

You are encouraged to comment on each other's concepts, and brainstorm ways that your characters might know each other or that their stories might fit together.

Speaking of stories, here is the plot: A group of people from the past end up in the sci-fi transhumanist future. The ways that someone can do so include, but are not limited to, cryogenic stasis and reconstruction from a thanogram. You can also play as someone from a Korean generation ship isolated society, if you like, one which may be socially and technologically regressive.

Finally, you can play as someone who's from the future and has to help the newcomers adjust ... or who wants them to play a role in their plans!

So yeah, please do the brainstorming thing in this thread. >_>b Don't forget that you can subscribe to individual comment threads, here on Dreamwidth.

More answers to questions will be forthcoming, if we can deal with our IRL stresses enough to do so. ^^;

Date/Time: 2015-10-14 14:45 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] redsixwing
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
Hooray, introductions!

I use pronouns. Online, they're often neutral (they/them) but I'm not overly particular. Pronouns are cool.

So far, I'm looking at using Rai - sort of a branch of an older character, quite possibly a literal code branch. I'm thinking of having him be an experimental AI that somehow ended up in an organic body. He may not actually be aware of that origin, however...

His signature abilities are illusion and lightning magic, and he's likely to have skills in deception as well.

Given Fate's standard question of "how did you all meet before game starts," I'd be fine if other characters had met either the organic-form Rai, or his AI/holographic precursor.
Date/Time: 2015-10-15 16:34 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] redsixwing
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
Y'know, the more I think on it, the more I really like the idea of him being an AI of a fictional character, so let's go that route.

And, yeah: in source story, AI definitely wouldn't have been recognized as people.

Now I'm just trying to figure out: someone made an AI to replicate a fictional character as closely as possible. Who and why? Presumably one doesn't spend all the time, effort, and money to create an early, functional AI for no reason... so is this an "it was there" sort of thing? Or, what purpose did they want him to accomplish? Hm.

In either case, I'd prefer his prior name to have been *Ascension. :3
Date/Time: 2015-10-15 22:07 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sablin27
sablin27: (Default)
I can definitely see a particularly extreme fan putting vast effort into making their favourite character real, without considering the issues.

On the other hand, if you want to posit a mysterious mover and shaker doing weird creepy things and then sitting back and watching...
Date/Time: 2015-10-16 05:32 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] kaesa
I do like the crazed fan theory of why they made him (I have fond memories of ridiculous conversations with Snapebot, so it's not without precedent) but other things that occur to me off the top of my head:

* created by the owner of the property; people can pay to have conversations/dinner/whatever with the character, as an interactive spinoff of the franchise. (You've read the books, you've played the game, you've watched all the movies... but have you asked your favorite character what he thought of the ending? NOW YOU CAN TALK TO HIM for only $20 a minute!)

* the original writer/creator died with a manuscript/game/whatever only halfway written, and the heirs want to squeeze as much money as they can out of it, but don't know how the last installment was supposed to end, so they invest in feeding all the available information into a computer to find out what the character(s) would do.

* same as the above, but instead of the heirs, the fans crowdfund the solution.

* unscrupulous L. Ron Hubbard-type creator decides to transition from fiction writer to cult leader and wants to prove that his creations are totally real, so he makes them real and introduces them to his followers.

* if the character is friendly and/or a children's book character, I could see a children's hospital using "visit with beloved character X!" as a theraputic thing, kind of like therapy dogs.

* Disney theme park meet and greet taken to the next terrifying level!
Date/Time: 2015-10-17 00:01 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] kaesa
I see what you're getting at, I think? My first thought when I read this comment, actually, was wondering what kind of potentially embarrassing or traumatic "easter eggs" someone who'd do this would hide in his programming. And how having multiple endings would work for an actual real person.
Date/Time: 2015-10-17 01:10 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] blackswanseer
All really cool ideas; and I particularly like the video game character one!
Date/Time: 2015-10-18 15:04 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] redsixwing
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
So I love the idea of him actually being a nav AI who, to survive after the Traveler crashed, borrowed a bunch of memory from someone else's favorite media (be it video game or whatever - I'd like to stick with "corporate espionage serial" as a short description, but video game, recorded drama, or written fiction are all good options and I'm sure there's more I'm not thinking of).

So the next question I have is, what happens if/when he remembers what he used to be?

This is probably where the dysphoria kicks in big time - his current skillset doesn't align at all with what he'd need to be a functional navigator.
Date/Time: 2015-10-15 09:30 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] sablin27
sablin27: (Default)
Would you have memories of being organic prior to your actual incarnation or amnesia?
Date/Time: 2015-10-15 16:35 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] redsixwing
redsixwing: Red-winged angel staring at a distant star. (Default)
I'm thinking having memories is the way to go - on the one hand, it makes him a more convincing organic.

On the other hand, it's going to be a heck of an impact when he figures out his nature and origin.


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