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I wrote an essay -- or more like a draft of an essay -- which explains how your bodies and minds work, in the transhumanist future that we set the Analogue adapt (and this RP) in. You can read it on our journal.

I did not list SOMA as an influence, because after finishing watching a 2 Girls 1 Let's Play of it, I felt that it asked some interesting questions but gave unsatisfying answers. I also had a nervous breakdown, which partly contributed to needing to figure stuff out and then write this. >_>;

Let us know what you think, or if anyone has any questions about what this means for their character concepts.

Date/Time: 2015-10-13 01:20 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] blackswanseer
I am on the mend and off painkillers, so I've been reading through worldbuilding posts and mulling a character. The info threads you've been posting are great, so thank you again! Several things have caused me to think of a character I put together a few years ago, but did not get to play very much, nor was she quite proving to be in her element in the circumstances of the game she was in. But it sounds like she might actually work here and I've wished for years I got a chance to play her properly.

(Heh, the best part of that original game was the kickoff, where she funnily enough, woke up out of cryofreeze without knowing what had happened to her*L*)

I have quite a bit more info on her motivation, history, and so forth, but before I delve in too deeply, I wanted to run the basic idea past you first to check that it works, fits into the world, etc. If not, I will get back to brainstorming someone else.

Ilaria Viteri is Peruvian-Italian and from a futuristic earth setting. Advanced computing, AIs, and a complex virtual reality network are all integral parts. She herself works in the field of computational archaeology, focusing on pre- and ancient history. She is excellent at computing skills, analysis, and math. She makes use of drones in her work.

Here's a blurb I wrote up for her before that outlines the particulars of her mindset on archaeology: "Ilaria Viteri works in that interstice between mainstream archaeology and the fringe, the latter consisting of the areas often dubbed 'alternative' or 'pseudo' archaeology. She doesn't believe aliens or magicians rendered ancient, advanced civilizations out of a breath and a wink. But she is in the camp that conventional archaeology has frequently failed to take a hard and thorough enough look at artifacts and other evidence that do not cleave well enough to established theories. Ancient technology and writing systems of ambiguous origin, anatomically-modern footprints discovered in circumstances that defy well-rooted thought on chronology, vast and complex structures that are often dismissed as tombs without sufficient evidence or rigor: there are the things that pique her interest and drive her to find better explanations. Find enough missing links and they will form a chain back to the truth - that is what Ilaria believes and what she intends to find."

Reading what you've posted about neurotypes and phenotypes has given me some ideas I'm kicking around that could play into her personality and inclinations in interesting ways. I'll ponder it some more and await your feedback on whether the above would work in this game. If not, not a problem! I have many character ideas floating around.
Date/Time: 2015-10-14 05:33 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] blackswanseer
(and I hope you feel better soon)!

Thank you! I am looking forward to better breathing once the swelling in my nose goes down.

On the idea, yeah, that sounds like that would work well. She's very inquisitive and empirical - if something piques her interest for a reason, she definitely will delve into it.

Next step, to type up my thoughts and questions on this phenotype/neurotype idea.


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